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Resolving Property Insurance Claims throughout Florida

Have your property or possessions been damaged by a sinkhole? Do you need help filing an insurance claim in the Miami area? The attorneys at Cernitz Law are adept at all property insurance matters for home and business owners throughout the state of Florida. Our team of Miami sinkhole claim lawyers can assist you with all steps of the insurance claims process, from helping you understand your insurance policy to fighting for your right to a fair settlement in court, and everything in between.

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What Is Considered Sinkhole Damage?

Under Florida state law, sinkholes are considered a geological activity that causes catastrophic ground cover collapse that results in all the following:

  • The sudden collapse of ground cover;
  • Depressions visible to the naked eye in ground cover;
  • Structural damage to a building and its foundation; and
  • “The insured structure being condemned and ordered to be vacated by the governmental agency authorized by law to issue such an order for that structure.”

If you do not have sinkhole coverage and your claim does not meet all of the above points, an insurance company can legally deny your claim. An attorney can help you determine whether or not you have a valid claim as well as assist you throughout the claims process.

What Does Sinkhole Coverage Cover?

The vast majority of sinkholes in America occur in Florida. As a result, the state offers insurance policies specifically to cover losses caused by this geological phenomenon.

Sinkhole insurance is a type of policy created exclusively for sinkhole damage. It pays to repair or replace your home and personal belongings after suffering from sinkhole damage as well as to stabilize your property’s land and cover the cost of repairing the foundation.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Occasionally, policyholders run into trouble when trying to file a valid claim with their insurer. In the most basic terms, insurance providers act in bad faith when they unjustly deny claims, delay payments, or otherwise look for ways to avoid investigating and/or paying rightful claims. They may employ a variety of tactics in order to attempt to get out of their duty to policyholders and protect their bottom line.

Some of these bad faith tactics include:

  • Delaying investigation into a claim or delaying payment of a claim
  • Denying a claim for no apparent reason
  • Failing to communicate with policyholders in a reasonable timeframe
  • Failing to conduct a thorough and adequate investigation of a claim
  • Failing to provide a reason for a claim denial
  • Failing to provide information regarding a policy’s limits, coverage, terms, etc.
  • Failing to share applicable information with the policyholder
  • Offering significantly less in payment than is owed, per the policy’s coverage
  • Refusing to enter negotiations regarding a settlement
  • Refusing to pay a claim without an investigation or without providing a reason
  • Threatening, berating, or other rude and inappropriate behavior

If you experienced any of these or similar issues, it is quite possible that your insurance company has acted in bad faith. As a policyholder, you have the right to legal recourse. The same is true if an insurance agent acted negligently, resulting in issues with your claim.

Sinkhole Claim FAQs

Don’t deal with your sinkhole claim alone—Cernitz Law is here to answer all your sinkhole damage claim questions. If you have concerns not addressed on this page, feel free to contact us for a free consultation in English or Spanish. We look forward to helping you resolve your claim!

Does my insurance cover sinkhole damage?

In the state of Florida, all licensed insurance companies must offer sinkhole coverage—however, this does not mean that you would have accepted (or that the “offer” was obvious). We recommend double checking your insurance policy to ensure sinkhole damage is covered and under what conditions.

Why are there so many sinkholes in Florida?

Numerous factors make Florida a hotbed for sinkhole activity, such as the prevalence of heavy rain, tropical storms and hurricanes, and a topography composed of limestone, dolostone, and other matter prone to sinkhole formation. While sinkholes can form anywhere in the state, the highest activity levels occur in west central Florida

Can my sinkhole claim be denied?

Your insurance company may deny your insurance claim for a host of legitimate or shady reasons. Fortunately, an experienced sinkhole claims lawyer in your area can help you appeal any denied claims and seek the compensation you deserve.

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If your home, business, or other property has been damaged or destroyed by a sinkhole, you can count on us to help you secure a fair settlement that will help you rebuild. Our legal team has decades of combined experience working on all sides of the insurance industry, but now exclusively works for policyholders seeking just compensation.

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