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Justin P. Cernitz

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How We're Different

We Know the Industry

We have worked with insurance companies and now work to help people. Because we know their usual moves, we create unique strategies for our clients.

We Think Outside the Box

We’re not like other attorneys – we come up with solutions to cases that no one else does. With our background, we’re able to think outside the box for our clients.

We Collaborate

We take a collaborative approach on each and every single case (yes, every case). No attorney at Cernitz Law handles a case solely by him or herself. All attorneys have their hands in all cases. Roundtable discussions occur regularly to collectively come up with litigation plans and strategies. The collaborative approach also ensures that no stones are left unturned and all details captured.”

We Tackle Complex Cases Other Firms Can't Handle

Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and experience to achieve excellence in even the most complex matters. Our attorneys serve with integrity and work with our clients every step of the way.