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Has your home or business been damaged by a plumbing loss, flood, hurricane, tropical storm, tornado, other type of windstorm, fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, sinkhole or another disaster or loss? Are you having trouble with your property insurance claim and need someone with experience to back you up? Our attorneys are here to help.

At Cernitz Law, we have helped clients with all types of insurance claims. The experienced attorneys at Cernitz Law, in addition to handling property damage insurance claims, also handle personal injury claims, business/commercial disputes, construction disputes/litigation, and more.

With decades of collective legal experience and thousands of cases handled, our attorneys are recognized as leaders in these complex areas of practice. Our legal team has seen it all, and we know what it takes to help you efficiently and effectively navigate the legal process.

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We believe in full transparency and communication throughout the entire process. We won’t let you go through this alone.

A Longstanding Track Record of Success

With more than five decades of combined experience across Florida, our attorneys are committed to offering the highest caliber legal representation for clients from all walks of life. We have earned legal victories for countless homeowners, commercial property owners, condominium owners, people who have suffered injuries, water damage, and people and businesses facing a range of commercial disputes.

Our attorneys possess the extensive knowledge, experience, gumption, and passion necessary to take on any challenge.

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Work With a Law Firm that Will Put Your Needs First

When you hire our firm, you will work directly with our lawyers. We never pass your case with paralegals, and we are committed to providing your case with the tailored attention it deserves. Our team strives to be as communicative and transparent as possible and will be available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide updates throughout our handling of your case. Our firm was formed to provide a place where individuals and businesses could get the high-quality legal representation with individualized attention. Once we have a thorough understanding of your case, issues and goals, we will identify and implement the legal solutions and strategies you need to succeed.

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How We're Different

We Know the Industry

We have worked with insurance companies and now work to help people. Because we know their usual moves, we create unique strategies for our clients.

We Think Outside the Box

We’re not like other attorneys – we come up with solutions to cases that no one else does. With our background, we’re able to think outside the box for our clients.

We Work As A Powerful Team

We take a team approach on each and every single case (yes, every case). No attorney at Cernitz Law handles a case solely by him or herself. All attorneys have their hands in all cases. Roundtable discussions occur regularly to collectively come up with litigation plans and strategies. The team approach also ensures that no stones are left unturned and all details captured.”

We Tackle Complex Cases Other Firms Can't Handle

Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and experience to achieve excellence in even the most complex matters. Our attorneys serve with integrity and work with our clients every step of the way.

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Results Matter

$10.4 Million

Commercial/Business Dispute

Cernitz Law represented a business owner against another business owner in a complex commercial/business dispute. The case went to trial and Cernitz Law obtained a verdict of $10,400,000.

$881 Thousand

Hurricane Claim

Insurance Company initially paid $131,000 and refused to pay a dollar more on our client's Hurricane Irma claim. After litigating the case, Cernitz Law was able to recover another $750,000 in new money for the client.

$353 Thousand

Hurricane Claim

The insurance company refused to pay our client any more than $58,000.00, after litigating the case Cernitz Law obtained another $295,000 for our client's Hurricane Wilma claim.

$250 Thousand

Plumbing/Water Damage

The insurance company denied coverage for a beloved Miami restaurant/bar owner for a major plumbing/water damage loss. After litigating the case in federal court, Cernitz Law obtained a settlement for $250,000.

$185 Thousand

Plumbing Loss

Cernitz Law was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $185,000 from the insurance company for the client's plumbing claim.

$100 Thousand

Plumbing Loss

Insured/client had a plumbing loss and was seeking money for his damages. Cernitz Law discovered an irregularity that most attorneys would not have discovered and the insurance company settled the claim for over 4 times the amount the client was asking for.

$90 Thousand

Home Repair Claim

After the insurance company performed sub-standard repairs, Cernitz Law sued the insurance company and was able to force the insurance company to pay our client $90,000.

Water Damage

The insurance company paid $10,000 to the client for her plumbing loss, claiming the policy had a limitation. Cernitz Law figured out that the insurance company was engaged in a scheme and as a result, the insurance company settled and paid the full amount to make repairs.

Roof Leak

Client suffered a roof leak that the insurance company denied, claiming it wouldn’t be covered. Cernitz Law argued that the insurance company changed the policy and did not provide proper notice. As a result, the insurance company settled and paid for repairs.

Restaurant Plumbing Damage

Client operated a restaurant that sustained a plumbing loss, which required the repair of the underground plumbing system. Insurance company denied the claim but Cernitz Law argued their exclusion in the policy didn't refer to their repair. As a result, the insurance company settled and paid them what they needed to make all repairs.


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